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  5.5.2 Registration Rules

The following rules pertaining to registration and re-registration are very important and may be understood property:


At the time of admission to the Polytechnic and / or at the beginning of successive term (till the students become eligible for the award of a diploma) all the students shall have to contact the concerned Polytechnic authorities and the respective Guidance and Counselling officers for the selection of courses and for registering themselves.


The curriculum programme structure and the scheme of examinations leading to a diploma, the credits to which entrants of different categories are entitled, the courses in which the student has acquired credits during previous terms and the courses offered for study in the institution, depending upon the available resources, would be the basis for selection / offer of courses for the new term. Special classes in courses, which are not scheduled to be offered by the institute in the semester will not be arranged for specific groups.


The institutional authorities will provide a list of courses offered in the first/odd & second/even terms of the academic year and the possible choices open to each individual student depending upon the courses in which the student has already acquired credits, through study and / or exemption, backlog, prerequisite maximum limits of registration, re-registration etc.


Selection of courses must be made out of those listed for the programme and offered for the study in the odd / even term of the academic year, subject to the limitations on the maximum no. of courses, contact hours courses being repeated, if any, and also the courses in which  the student has previously not earned credits and is required to appear in the Board examinations. The limitations in respect of maximum courses and contact hours per week are given in 3.5.3


While filling up the registration form, the entry of courses should be made in the order of the respective category of courses.

  5.5.3 Maximum number of courses in which a student can register in a term

At a time a student can register for a maximum of 7 courses, out of which the courses having an end-of-the-term theory examination shall not be more than six. A student if he has no courses of re-registration has to register for a minimum of three courses having an end of the term theory examination, except for his last term Programme.


However, those high achieving students who register for the maximum courses as mentioned above, during the first two terms and are successful in examinations in all but two of the registered courses in the first two terms at the first attempt, will be permitted to register for one more course in the subsequent terms in addition to the maximum as prescribed above.

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